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Low Cost, Same Day Tree Service in Plano, TX

Trees & Bees is the company you can count on whether you need one time trimming or ongoing tree service in Plano. Our Plano tree care partners use modern equipment, insured workers and offer competitive pricing. Trees are the most visible accent on your property and taking care of your trees will keep your entire yard looking great. If you put off getting a tree removed in Plano or ignore a tree with large branches hanging over power lines or property, you could end up with a hazard. When high winds or storms hit, you will be glad you have a professional tree service company in Plano that has been looking out for you. Get started now and provide a few details about the types and number of trees on your property, any potential obstacles to accessing your trees and the team at Trees & Bees will get to work.

Comparing Plano Tree Trimming Costs To Help Customers Save

Plano Arborists

When you look for the cost of tree service in Plano with Trees & Bees, you know that there won't be any extra fees or markups with our transparent pricing. Many Plano tree care companies will cut corners by not ensuring their employees or by hiding fees until the tree work is completed. Trees & Bees makes sure there is no bait and switch and our Plano experts have over two years of experience in the tree care field and can provide:

  • Same Day Emergency Tree Service in Plano
  • Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly Tree Trimming in Plano, Texas
  • Routine Tree Care in Plano, TX (inspections to check the overall health of your trees, look for diseased or damage that can affect nearby trees)

Do I need a permit to remove a tree in Plano?

If all or part of a tree is on Plano land then you will likely need a permit. Generally, homeowners who want to remove a tree in their own backyard or one that is under 10 feet tall do not need prior approval.. Removing larger trees in Plano can cause problems however, as they have larger and deeper roots that are more likely to impact utility or plumbing lines buried nearby. When in doubt, a Trees & Bees pro can help.

How can I get a lower price on tree service in Plano?

The most important factor for your yearly costs of tree service in Plano is the type of trees you have. Certain breeds of tree are more difficult to trim, prune and maintain (palm, willow, etc.) while some grow extremely fast and therefore require more frequent trimming (poplar, empress, willow, sycamore). Scheduling a yearly checkup on the health of your trees will also help you avoid diseases that can result in expensive removal and replacement of your trees.

How much of the tree work can I do on my own?

Most people in Plano take care of their trees while they are young, but at a certain point the tree height makes it difficult for the average homeowner. Handheld arborist tools will only get you so far, and using a ladder and winging it can be time consuming and potentially dangerous. Also note that Plano tree trimming is a bit of an art, especially with saplings. Shaping a tree properly during its growth is critical to ensure a beautiful tree years down the road and Trees & Bees are experts at shaping all breeds of tree.

How do I know which tree care company in Plano is best for me?

We get this question all the time, as it is difficult to tell the difference between Plano tree care companies without actually using them. You are already halfway there, as Trees & Bees partners in Plano are licensed and insured and have met our reputation standards for providing great service. We always recommend that you ask for specifics on how a company will service your trees, including equipment used (do they use bucket trucks or heavy equipment for large trees?), tree trimming methods used (make sure they do not use 'topping' or other aggressive approaches that can weaken a tree), and how many clients do they have in Plano? Asking these questions of Plano tree trimming companies should give you a good feel of the right fit for your trees.

High Tree Trimming in Plano

Calculate Tree Removal Cost in Plano, TX

Tree Height Plano tree heights can vary greatly. Determining the exact height will help get you a better quote. Show me how


Diameter of trunk Measure your tree 4.5 feet up from the base and at this very point, measure the diameter of the tree trunk. It's best to round off to the nearest half inch. Show me how


Percent of tree overhanging a structure Measure approximate percentage that overhangs onto any structure, including ones that cannot be reached. Show me how


Distance from driveable surface

Determine the distance between tree and a drivable road.


Utility pole interference If there are any power lines or poles near your tree, measure the distance between them. Your Plano utility company may need to be contacted prior to tree removal.


Total Tree Removal Cost: $337.54

This cost is based on an average of our suppliers, and may not include cost of operation and disposal fees specific to Collin County. Contact one of our Plano tree companies for an exact price.

Non-Certified Tree Service Companies

See Your Business? Get Certified

City of Fort Worth Parks and Community Services

4200 S. Freeway, Suite 2200

Azle, TX 76115

Horton Tree Service

7218 Bloxom Park Rd

Kennedale, TX 76060

Triangle Tree & Exterminators

2261 Bedford Cir Bedford, TX

Bedford, TX 76021-1819

Alpine Tree Service Inc.

1900 Brumlow Ave

Fort Myers, TX 76092

Alpine Tree Service, Inc.

1900 Brumlow Ave

Oceanside, TX 76092

Timberr Tree Service

PO Box 135

Aubrey, TX 76227

North Texas Tree Specialists

1740 Bishop Ln

Argyle, TX 76226


1740 Bishop Lane

Argyle, TX 76226

Tree Shepherds

433 Cannon Ln

Lewisville, TX 75077

Hocker Tree Care, Inc.


Bastrop, TX 17111

Dallas Tree Surgeons


Dallas, TX 75223

Preservation Tree Service. Inc

2222 Empire Central

Dallas, TX 75235

Preservation Tree Services, Inc.

2222 Empire Central

Dallas, TX 75235

Preservation Tree Services, Inc.

2222 Empire Central

Dallas, TX 75235

Moore Tree Care

6333 Denton Dr #100

Dallas, TX 75235

Southern Botanical

1525 Hinton St. Dallas, Texas

Dallas, TX 75235

Bartlett Tree Experts

11376 Kline Dr

Dallas, TX 75229

Dallas Tree Surgeons

5526 Dyer St Ste 106

Dallas, TX 75206

Holcomb Tree Service

10625 Ferguson Rd

Dallas, TX 75357

Advanced Tree & Shrub Care Inc.

590 N Meandering Way

Dallas, TX 75069

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